Zenogel Power Package

Zenogel Power Package

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This bundle comes with 4 Zenogel, a vibrating, pleasure ring and a digital download. Purchasing this bundle costs $359.40, giving you as much as $109.94 in savings.

Zenogel is a lubricant that is especially formulated to potentially enhance vaginal lubrication, helping a woman address vaginal dryness that can get in the way of a pleasurable experience during the sex act. More specifically, Zenogel is designed to deliver the following functions:

  • It may improve vaginal lubrication, which in turn, improves your sexual arousal as well as that of your partner’s.
  • It may enhance your sensation of sexual stimulation from your partner.
  • It may help improve blood flow and circulation on and around your genital area.
  • It may help keep your vagina moist and wet throughout the sex act.
  • It stimulates the clitoris, causes it to become engorged, and makes it more sensitive to stimulation, allowing you to orgasm with every episode.

Power Package

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  • A $249.75 Value