Skin Firming Cellulite System

Skin Firming Cellulite System

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About the product

Skin Firming Cellulite Treatment is the perfect skin care system designed for those who are trying to tighten their skin. Manufactured by Solvaderm, this system particularly focuses on skin areas that are prone to cellulite. The regimen works on enhancing hydrating and providing a moisturizing boost that can tighten and firm your skin while reducing dimples.

Take a look at the products included in Solvaderm’s Skin Firming Cellulite System:

  • Maxatone: The purpose of using this toner is to prepare the targeted area for better absorption of the ingredients included in the other product. However, it also boosts hydration levels on the applied area.
    Size: (4.0 oz / 120 ml)
  • Cellmaxa: The essential product of the treatment and a specially designed firming cream that interacts with natural mechanisms of the skin and helps to remove deposits of fat. The tightening and slimming effect of the formula are ideal to eliminate dimpling and bulging and boost overall appearance.
    Size: (8.0 oz / 240 ml)